Sarvet & Livli

Livli in the mountains, web sizeWhen Sarvet’s world hems her in, she pushes back. Her daughter, Livli, does likewise. The Kaunis-clan Onmibus, Sarvet & Livli, presents both their transcendent stories.

Sarvet’s Wanderyar

Running away leads right back home – or does it?

Sarvet walks with a grinding limp, and her mountain culture keeps girls close to home. Worse, her mother emphasizes all the things Sarvet can’t do. No matter how gutsy her spirit or bold her defiance, staying put means growing weaker. Yet only boys get wanderyars. Lacking their supplies and training, how can Sarvet escape?

Can dreams – even big dreams – and inner certainty transform impossible barricades into a way out?

Livli’s Gift

In Kaunis-spa′s magical spring, Livli achieves spectacular cures. A born pioneer, she hopes to match new ways for healing with new ways of living. But the Kaunis-sisters fear rapid change. While Livli pushes forward the new, one influential foe pushes back. Home will keep its ancient customs, even if Livli loses everything.

Must surrender spell defeat? Or could letting go harness real power?

* * *

Sarvet & Livli is an omnibus containing both the novella Sarvet’s Wanderyar and the novel Livli’s Gift in their entirety.

Sarvet & Livli is an omnibus available as an ebook for $6.99
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Trade Paperback
Sarvet & Livli is available as a trade paperback for $16.99
6″x 9″ trim size • 282 pages
ISBN-10: 061588590X
ISBN-13: 978-0615885902
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