What if Beauty faces not only her angry Beast and his curse, but a curse threatening every mage alive?

As a bespelled north-bear, Prince Kellor fights confused rage and wracking pain. Any curse possesses loopholes, but his requires his childhood friend to put her head in the noose for him.

Elle lost track of Kellor long ago and now longs to play flute in the city. But her father insists she forget her musical ambition and marry a local lad. Interrupting the long-running argument, Kellor arrives on their rural doorstep in beast form.

When Elle accompanies Kellor to his lonely, magical and musical palace, her quest to break his curse founders on a hidden proviso at the spell’s heart and the linked urgencies of three strangers: a boy seeking to learn what really happened the day his mother was buried; a healer-turned-bureaucrat longing to cure the afflicted who die on his watch; and a voiceless ghost who haunts the palace halls and yearns to speak her truth.

Confounded by mystery and beguiled by the marvels garnishing Kellor’s home, the pair’s grace period evaporates when Elle unwittingly triggers a trap inherent in the curse. The troll-witch who cast it sweeps in to carry Kellor—and the uncanny miracle he’s devised—away to her frozen citadel.

Both Kellor and Elle must seize destiny by the neck—and refuse to let go—until they make their dreams come true. Or else Kellor will marry the witch’s daughter, while Elle loses him forever.

Troll-magic is a lyrical Beauty and the Beast tale that pits down-to-earth friendship and stirring-the-oatmeal love against malice and distorted will. If you enjoy beguiling characters and intricately braided plots spangled with scintillas of thrilled wonder, you’ll love this fresh take on an old fairy tale.

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Troll-magic is a novel available as an ebook for $5.99
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Trade Paperback
Troll-magic is available as a trade paperback for $19.99
6″x 9″ trim size • 438 pages
ISBN-10: 0615702546
ISBN-13: 978-0615702544
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