Paperback Edition! Resonant Bronze

There are four stories – Skies of Navarys, Resonant Bronze, Rainbow’s Lodestone, and Star-drake – in the Lodestone Tales, and all of them are out as ebooks. We’re working to get each one into paper. The first story, Skies of Navarys, released in paper many months ago.

Now the second story, Resonant Bronze, is also available as a paperback book!

Resonant Bronze paperback

The warriors of Torbellai brought back a prize in the night, and young Paitra wants to see it. Even hidden away in the armory, the artifact changed the whole mood of their mountain citadel from dread foreboding to hope. And Paitra’s people need hope to turn the tide in their long war against the troll horde. Might this small triumph presage a mightier victory?

But the warlord hid the fighters’ plunder for good reason. Forged by trolls and radiating magic, it presents grave risk to the soul and spirit of any who approach it. Sneaking past the weapon smiths into the armory with his brother, Paitra still believes his home a safe place for boy’s mischief. But bronze hammered by trolls is anything but safe. Opportunity cloaked within its lethal enchantment awaits the right unlocking key. Could Paitra wield that key? And will he survive his curiosity?

Through death into magic and sound, Paitra confronts . . . resonant bronze.

Resonant Bronze is available as a trade paperback book for $5.99.
5″x 8″ trim size • 60 pages
ISBN-10: 0692022597
ISBN-13: 978-0692022597 I Amazon UK I CreateSpace

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