Which Gold to Choose?

We’re experimenting with the image at the top of the page. Thursday, the header graphic featured the words Wild Unicorn Books in plain GOLD. Plain gold has a subtle variation, from lighter to darker, within the hue.

Friday’s header was the CHROME gold version. Dark whorls typical of chrome appear within the gold tint. (Immediately below.)

Saturday morning we displayed the AMBER gold version. It’s solid, without color variation within the gold, and more orange. (Below and at page top.)

Being the sort who can’t stop tinkering until it’s right, we’ve now got yet another version! DEEP gold. Coming at you below.

The differences are hard to see at the size the images appear in this post, more obvious when they’re full size at the top of the page. Which do you like best?

Hello Readers!

Welcome to the website for Wild Unicorn Books.

We’re busily working to make the site match our vision. But, as you can see, we’re not there yet!

Thanks for your patience as we move forward in site construction.

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