Paperback Edition! Resonant Bronze

There are four stories – Skies of Navarys, Resonant Bronze, Rainbow’s Lodestone, and Star-drake – in the Lodestone Tales, and all of them are out as ebooks. We’re working to get each one into paper. The first story, Skies of Navarys, released in paper many months ago.

Now the second story, Resonant Bronze, is also available as a paperback book!

Resonant Bronze paperback

The warriors of Torbellai brought back a prize in the night, and young Paitra wants to see it. Even hidden away in the armory, the artifact changed the whole mood of their mountain citadel from dread foreboding to hope. And Paitra’s people need hope to turn the tide in their long war against the troll horde. Might this small triumph presage a mightier victory?

But the warlord hid the fighters’ plunder for good reason. Forged by trolls and radiating magic, it presents grave risk to the soul and spirit of any who approach it. Sneaking past the weapon smiths into the armory with his brother, Paitra still believes his home a safe place for boy’s mischief. But bronze hammered by trolls is anything but safe. Opportunity cloaked within its lethal enchantment awaits the right unlocking key. Could Paitra wield that key? And will he survive his curiosity?

Through death into magic and sound, Paitra confronts . . . resonant bronze.

Resonant Bronze is available as a trade paperback book for $5.99.
5″x 8″ trim size • 60 pages
ISBN-10: 0692022597
ISBN-13: 978-0692022597 I Amazon UK I CreateSpace

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Paperback Edition! Devouring Light

Devouring Light released first as an ebook and garnered some praise from readers.

“…a celestial world of clockwork and the spheres in gorgeously embroidered language. We are introduced to Mercurio, the god of the first planet, and his mysterious visitor, a beautiful young woman with memory gaps who literally falls from the sky. The story draws clear parallels between the characters and their celestial counterparts, the gods and their planets or constellations, in a way that keeps you guessing as to the identity of the visitor. Just like Mercurio’s own efforts to stage a grand spectacle for Sol, the author sets the stage for a spectacular finale. Her mastery of style really makes that finale sing.

“I recommend this for people who like Tanith Lee, epic style, and a writer who plays mischievously with both language and the reader.”
Amazon review

Now Devouring Light is available as a paperback!

Devouring Light paperback

Can one small good deed offset ultimate destruction?

Mercurio stands watch over the first planet, guiding it through the perils of the void. Part messenger, part prankster, he cocks an eye for danger, but not from afar. Close to home lurks the real risk that his festival for Sol’s 25th anniversary will be a bust.

Failed negotiations with constellations and his fellow guardians send him to the brink of complete frustration…when a beautiful celestial wanderer fetches up at his domicile, seeking refuge.

Her form beguiles. Her mystery intrigues. And Mercurio’s fascination with his visitor poses yet another threat to Sol’s celebration.

Will Mercurio recognize his role as cat’s paw soon enough? Or will a looming menace – more lethal than any of the guardians imagine – threaten the solar system’s very existence?

Devouring Light is available as a trade paperback for $11.99.
5″x 8″ trim size • 142 pages
ISBN-10: 0615973132
ISBN-13: 978-0615973135 I Amazon UK I B&N I CreateSpace I or order it from your local bookstore

Devouring Light continues to be available as an ebook.
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Paperback Edition! Perilous Chance

As an ebook Perilous Chance received kind words from readers.

“It’s a tale of mistakes and redemption, and the power to do the right thing now, even if you can’t change the past… [The sense of mystery] creates a wonderful release of tension…and a very satisfying ending…expertly written, and subtle enough that I found myself pleasantly surprised at the resolution of the plot. [Ney-Grimm] has an ethereal sort of quality to her writing which is extremely effective…it’s almost mystical…absolutely unique, and absolutely engaging.” – James J. Parsons, Speaking to the Eyes

Now Perilous Chance is available as a paperback!

Perilous Chance paperback

If only Mama were well. If only Papa were . . . not like this.

Clary needs a miracle, but wonders rarely step forth to solve life’s problems.

While her mama lies wearily abed and her papa spends the day . . . elsewhere, Clary struggles to look after her younger sister and their baby brother. And longs for more than making do. If only.

Then, one spring morning, Clary and Elspeth visit the old bramble-grown quarry to pick wild cabbage leaves. Hidden within the rock’s cleft, Clary’s miracle awaits. But this miracle sports razor-sharp talons, world-shaking power, ravenous hunger, and a troll-witch to guard its sleep. When it cracks the egg, will Clary survive?

Something wondrous this way comes!

Perilous Chance is available as a trade paperback for $9.99.
5″x 8″ trim size • 102 pages
ISBN-10: 0692022589
ISBN-13: 978-0692022580 I Amazon UK I B&N I CreateSpace I or order it from your local bookstore

Perilous Chance continues to be available as an ebook.
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