5 New Books!

Release BannerWe’re delighted to announce five new titles, ready just in time for the holiday season.

Serpent’s Foe first appeared in the anthology Quantum Zoo, but now it’s available solo as either an ebook or a beautiful trade paperback, perfect as a stocking stuffer for a reader who loves fantasy and the intriguing mythology of ancient Egypt.

Hunting Wild, Winter Glory and Caught in Amber are also available as both ebooks and trade paperbacks.

The paperback for Fate’s Door is coming soon, and in the meantime you can read it right away in its ebook format.

Here’s a little bit about each story:

Hunting Wild, web cover image, 200 pxHunting Wild

Young Remeya worships the forbidden horned god. A worship made taboo half a millennium ago. Performed still in secret by a few. Quietly tolerated by the king. Epic fantasy in which old beliefs and old loyalties clash with hidden magic in the Middle Ages of the god-touched North-lands.

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Serpent's Foe, web cover image, 200 pxSerpent’s Foe

Once she stalked the duat by Ra’s side, carrying his light in her eyes and battling the monsters that assailed them. Now, tormented by confusion and her own fury, she longs to regain the unique powers which – inexplicably – elude her in captivity. In this mythic tale of pride and revelation, a fight beyond death delivers one last chance at redemption.

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Winter Glory, web cover 200 pixelsWinter Glory

Caught in a cold and snow-shrouded wilderness, far from home, Ivvar confronts the woman he once cherished and an ancient scourge of the chilly woodlands in a complicated dance of love and death. Ivvar’s second chance at happiness – and his life – hang in the balance.

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Fate's Door cover 200 pxFate’s Door

Secrets, like troubles, come in threes. Nerine, a sea nymph of the ancient world, knows too much about both. Love and coming of age in a mythic Mediterranean where the gods and goddesses of old shape history.

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Paperback coming soon!

Caught in Amber, cover 200 pixelsCaught in Amber

When young Fae awakens in a locked and deserted castle, she remembers nothing. Who she is, where she comes from, none of it. A mythic tale of family and betrayal told with all the twists and moments of sheer joy that belong in epic fantasy.

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New Release! A Knot of Trolls

It’s always exciting to announce the release of a new book. This one is particularly thrilling for us. A Knot of Trolls collects seven shorter works by J.M. Ney-Grimm within one binding. Some readers prefer to choose their short stories one by one. Others like to pick up collections and anthologies. A Knot of Trolls is for the collection lovers among us!

A Knot of Trolls is available in both an ebook edition and a paperback edition. No waiting for the format you like most. Both are ready for your reading pleasure!

Knot of Trolls paperback

North-lands spellcasters who reach too boldly for power transform into trolls – grotesque villains wielding a potent magic and destined for madness.

Spanning the North-lands history, from ancient times to the pastoral present, A Knot of Trolls features seven such evildoers. Seven trolls and the ordinary youths called by chance or by destiny to take a stand.

“The Troll’s Belt” stars motherless Brys Arnsson, challenged as much by his own deceit as by his troll foe. “Crossing the Naiad” presents shepherd girl Kimmer with a dangerous tragedy from the distant past.

“Skies of Navarys” follows two friends with a vehement difference, their contested decision to decide the fate of thousands. In “Resonant Bronze” Paitra and his brother struggle to claim appropriate guilt – neither too much nor too little – and thereby defeat a troll warlord.

“Rainbow’s Lodestone” offers the spirit of the rainbow a chance to learn that the smallest places birth freedom. “Star-drake” stalks a pitiless troll-herald to defeat – or is it victory? – utterly unforeseen.

And in “Perilous Chance” young Clary needs a miracle. But her miracle – when it comes – sports razor-sharp talons, world-shaking power, and a troll-witch to guard its sleep.

Seven tales of magic balance death and destruction against destiny and hope.

A Knot of Trolls is available as an ebook for $7.99.
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A Knot of Trolls is available as a trade paperback for $16.99.
6″x 9″ trim size • 298 pages
ISBN-10: 0615977286
ISBN-13: 978-0615977287
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“I loved this story! It is lively, perky and interesting. While the author notes it is “a re-casting of Hansel & Gretel with a Norse twist,” I found the storyline to be much more creative and original. I am looking forward to reading more from J.M. Ney-Grimm!” – Amazon review of The Troll’s Belt

“A quick, refreshing piece of literature. Like a cool sip of water after a grueling endurance marathon . . . It’s swift and concise, but the prose is eloquent and deft, to the point, yet gracefully articulate . . . again I am enthralled with the completeness of the picture the author is painting. The world comes to life . . .” – Goodreads review of Crossing the Naiad

“. . . an imaginative science-fiction fantasy . . . well-written and interesting . . . The characters are realistic thirteen years old with all their curiosity, doubts, amiability and daring in the face of adversity.” – Goodreads review of Skies of Navarys

“. . . a wonderful (longer) short story with Ney-Grimm’s characteristic voice. It flows like a fairy tale and has an airy, almost fanciful feel to it . . .This ephemeral tone is what sets her work apart from anything else I’ve read – it’s absolutely unique, and absolutely engaging. Perilous Chance is no exception, and it’s my favourite story of Ney-Grimm’s so far.” – Speaking to the Eyes review of Perilous Chance


Paperback Edition! Resonant Bronze

There are four stories – Skies of Navarys, Resonant Bronze, Rainbow’s Lodestone, and Star-drake – in the Lodestone Tales, and all of them are out as ebooks. We’re working to get each one into paper. The first story, Skies of Navarys, released in paper many months ago.

Now the second story, Resonant Bronze, is also available as a paperback book!

Resonant Bronze paperback

The warriors of Torbellai brought back a prize in the night, and young Paitra wants to see it. Even hidden away in the armory, the artifact changed the whole mood of their mountain citadel from dread foreboding to hope. And Paitra’s people need hope to turn the tide in their long war against the troll horde. Might this small triumph presage a mightier victory?

But the warlord hid the fighters’ plunder for good reason. Forged by trolls and radiating magic, it presents grave risk to the soul and spirit of any who approach it. Sneaking past the weapon smiths into the armory with his brother, Paitra still believes his home a safe place for boy’s mischief. But bronze hammered by trolls is anything but safe. Opportunity cloaked within its lethal enchantment awaits the right unlocking key. Could Paitra wield that key? And will he survive his curiosity?

Through death into magic and sound, Paitra confronts . . . resonant bronze.

Resonant Bronze is available as a trade paperback book for $5.99.
5″x 8″ trim size • 60 pages
ISBN-10: 0692022597
ISBN-13: 978-0692022597
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Resonant Bronze continues to be available as an ebook.
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